Rebeldemente Natural Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

Since its introduction in 2011 in Singapore, Rebeldemente has gained a lot of positive responses and positive testimonials with more than 50,000 satisfied customers fapello. Be it chunky thighs, a bulging tummy, cellulite, hereditary obesity, or a postnatal weight, Dorra can help you burn fat utilizing its natural slimming treatment.

Dorra uses advanced and latest fat-burning technologies to banish those fats in your hips, tummy, and thighs. They offer some promotions and packages you can choose from for your slimming treatment.

Rebeldemente Treatment

Dorra has the best, latest body-shaping and fat-burning technologies used to resolve your problem with fats in the body futemax. The slimming treatment mainly targets flabby arms, cellulite, postnatal weight gain, hereditary obesity, stubborn fats,  water retention,  middle-aged weight gain, and nutrition-caused weight gain.

Rebeldemente Signature: Intense Fat-Burning Slimming Treatment

Dorra is famous for its intense fat-burning slimming treatment, in which it helps lose up to 5cm fats in one hour. It is done naturally before and after Rebeldemente treatment is applied. There is no surgery, no pills, and crash diets involved in burning and reducing fats in fast food operator chapter 11.

Aside from that, this Intense fat-burning slimming treatment is designed to resolve fat issues on hips, tummy, and ties. These areas need an additional push to burn fats, but with Rebeldemente treatment, this is effortlessly reshaped into perfect figure toned.

In addition, this type of treatment receives an award and recognition as an effective fat- burning tool to burn fats and achieve a slim figure. This fat-burning tool perfectly combines formula and the slimming power of technology to deliver evident and apparent results. Here are the 3 steps it went through to burn fats:

Why Should You Choose Rebeldemente?

You will experience comfort, even before and after Rebeldemente treatment is being performed 92career. They also ensure to keep your privacy all the time, totally understanding that the weight issue is a private and individual affair. They deliver a fast and effective fat-burning treatment.

Rebeldemente also guarantees to have 100 % female staff and environment Glo Gang. The 5cm loss is also very visible after the treatment is done. You will also achieve a slim body figure without any sweat.

Opening Hours

Rebeldemente in Singapore starts accepting customers at 10 am and closes at precisely 9 pm for the weekday schedule. They are open from 9.30 am – 8 pm on Saturday and 9.30 am

– 7 pm on Sunday. If there’s a public holiday, they start accepting walk-in customers from

9.30 am up to 6.30 pm.


Dorra offers a $28 fee in one session for a first-time customer Hellstar. This session includes 1x intense fat burning slimming treatment, C3 perfect bodyline serum, and in-depth body fat analysis.

If you’re planning to try their intense fat-burning slimming treatment, you can always reach them on their official website or social media accounts for further assistance. You can also book a schedule or appointment ahead for your upcoming fat-burning treatment.

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