Privacy Policy

92career adopts a strict privacy policy to secure all personal information gathered from users for publishing content. We truly understand the value of any personal detail of the user and hence work with strong commitment towards keeping up the promise to maintain user data privacy. We also request all users who sign up to our website to thoroughly go through our privacy policy prior to publishing any content so as to support us in ensuring complete privacy.

What personal information we collect from users and why?

When any user wishes to sign up with us for publishing news, articles, reviews or blogs, we require them to fill up the basic personal details including name, email, website and blog details, business information, niche, contact number, address and so on. This information is purely for registration and authenticity purpose and not for any other promotional purposes.


We have lots of articles, guest posts, reviews and blogs published by different users in our websites. When any user posts a comment after looking into the content, we require them to fill out their name, email and website URL while posting the comment. We do not publish the email address of the user. Also, we do spam detection using your IP address and email address to ensure your authenticity. Once we approve the comments, the comments are published with your name.


If you have added your profile picture, the image appears with the name followed by the comment. Also, when you use images or any media in the content, please check not to include embedded location data with images as any visitor can gather your location details from the images you upload.

Cookies Privacy Policy

92career follows a standard cookies policy. We want every visitor to our website understand that by posting comment, publishing content or reading any of our content, users allow us to use the personal information for certain purposes.

We do this to give a better browsing experience for visitors to 92career and always provide them with the right information they are looking for. However, we give users the complete authority to allow or deny cookies. When users allow cookies, we make sure that the personal information stored is not breached in anyway.

When you comment on any of our posts, we give you the option to save your name, email address and website URL. This is completely to give you convenience to post comments whenever you visit our website. And, these cookies are stored only for a year time and you do not have to enter your details for commenting in this period.

Embedded Content

Articles and posts in our website have embedded content including vides, images and articles from other website. The websites from which the content is embedded always track the information of visitors and monitor the usage of the embedded content. If any of the users who publish content with embedded content has account with the other website, cookies are used.

How long does your data remain at 92career?

We retain comments and meta data to follow up comments from users. We store the details of users when registering with us. These details remain with us and users can edit or delete these details. However, editing or deleting the user name is not possible. Administrators have the rights to see and edit details if required.

If you want us to remove your comments or any details with us, you can feel free to place a request and the admin team handles this request. At any cost, we do not delete any of your information we hold for administrative and security purposes.

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