What Is cPanel licensing For Software And Why Is It So Important?

The best control panel in the software industry is cPanel licensing. Besides, Navicosoft, as an official
cPanel partner, provides cPanel licensing for software! Click here to learn how to
purchase cheap licenses for software right now!

The industry-leading software server control panel is cPanel licensing. It enables the webmaster to
handle all software services. Also, it operates Apache/Email/MySQL and others in a
centralized location. Currently, the cPanel has used by most software developers and
software providers.

cPanel empowers you to manage many domains without knowing a single Linux command.
Yet it sets up a new email or FTP account. In addition, it regulates the software resources
and installs various scripts.

What is cPanel licensing for software?

It allows you to automate software services tasks through a simple user interface. You can
avoid the complexity of creating advanced versions configurations by purchasing a cheap
software licenses and using cPanel licensing. It consists of automatic updates, built-in backup
systems, and all the tools you’ll need to get up and to run. Its goal is to make server
management easier for you and software management easier for your customers.

Benefits of cPanel licensing

For Software

  1. Automate Everything
    Reduce your overhead by automating upgrades, downgrades, SSL deployment, and other
    billing needs. Or, you can use the cPanel licensing and WHM API to write custom scripts and
    programs to handle any extra heavy lifting for you.
  2. Control and manage features
    The cheap licenses give you access to the cPanel system, which opens up a world of
    possibilities! Select from hundreds of features built into cPanel or available as third-party
    add-ons. Yet, it creates unique packages for your users to choose.
  3. Multi PHP administration
    Allow any PHP version on your servers, domains, or accounts, and manage them all from a
    single interface with the multi–PHP Manager

For User

  1. User Manager
    Create sub-user accounts for individuals within a company or organization. It grants them
    full or restricted access to Webmail, FTP, databases, or Web Disk.
  2. Control Domains
    With the add-on, parked, and subdomains, you can manage many domains on a single
    cPanel account. Also, it allows users to handle more than one site on your server.
  3. Mail, calendars, and contact information
    After purchasing cheap software licenses and beginning to investigate cPanel licensing options, you
    can create accounts, forwarders, and autoresponders in Webmail. Also, you can create
    account-level filtering. Finally, you can use calendars and contacts for personal and
    business purposes.
  4. Databases
    Create and store MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. It has completed administrative
    control over the sub-user accounts that can access the data.

How can you purchase cPanel licensing for software?

To purchase cheap cPanel licenses for software, use one of the methods listed below.

  1. Using the cPanel Store
    An authentic email is required to purchase the cheap software licenses from the cPanel licensing
    Store. You can set up an account with this email account or use it if you have one already.
    After that, you can log in to your store account. Then, from the menu, look over the licenses
    and choose the one you need.
    Now, add your preferred type to the shopping cart and enter your valid IP (not used before).
    Finally, go over and double-check your choices before making a purchase. Finally, doublecheck your invoice and finish with the cheap cPanel licenses (a certified cPanel license)
  2. Using the Web Host Manager (WHM)
    It is a valuable tool for gaining admin rights to the cPanel account backend. Also, it allows
    you to create cPanel licensing accounts to use. Finally, it manages to host performances and small to
    large websites.
    To purchase through WHM, you must log in as a root user to the server’s WHM interface.
    There, you can buy a license by clicking on the ‘Purchase a License’ link in the Trial License
    Banner. Yet, if you cannot see it or purchase using that link, there may be underlying cause
    access issues. So, you must go to your cPanel Licensing Store account and buy cheap software
    licenses from there. Then, after verifying the user id, passcode, and other necessary
    information, you can proceed.
  3. Using Manage 2
    It is a cPanel website that assists with cPanel products and cheap licenses tasks. It
    includes adding, removing, or updating cPanel licensing products. Also, it provides invoice
    management and payment. Of course, you’ll need an account here as well, so make one or
    use one you already have and log in. It is more like a dashboard, so you can look around and
    find the cheap software licenses you want. Now, add one that meets your needs and click
    ‘Add License.’ Following that, you will send a confirmation message.
  4. Using a Certified cPanel Partner
    Last but not least. It is the help provided by the partner companies. You can find them in the
    cPanel partner database. Navicosoft is also one of the official cPanel licensing partners that offer
    cheap licensing for hosting and software.
    Purchasing cheap software licenses from a certified partner offers many advantages,
    particularly support. Firstly, the company’s cPanel experts can assist you with anything
    from activation to migration to recovery and so on. Secondly, you can expect reduced cPanel
    pricing. So, you can keep a lot of money while still getting great features to help you with
    software, servers, and websites.
    You are now aware that servers running cPanel need a valid cPanel licensing to function and
    administer. As a result, you should understand what cPanel license you need. As stated
    before, each server requires cheap licenses. So, you cannot use the VPS server license on
    a dedicated server and vice versa. So, depending on your VPS or dedicated server, you
    should buy cheap licenses from a certified cPanel licensing partner or use one of the other methods mentioned above.

Final Words

Navicosoft can be your assistant, handling all the time-consuming server and software
managerial functions. So, get cheap licenses and share the load. Yet, don’t forget to look
for other authorized cheap licenses to ensure that you get all the features and original
content and avoid any hassles.

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