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It is not easy to find the right people for your vacancies, no need to explain it to you. Some are not qualified enough, others have salary requirements that are too high or do not match the company culture… And sometimes, you simply don’t have enough candidates to be able to choose! It can then be useful to publish your job offer in the right place for your employees. 

What job offers do you want to advertise For Employees?

The type of job you post obviously depends on the vacancies in your company. At Staffly, we offer you different options: you can post a summer job or internship, hire part-time students or find other qualified workers in a specific field. You adapt the wording of your offers according to what you are looking for. By posting your job offer, your ad will be presented to more than 950,000 candidates who will then learn about your company.

Tips for placing your job offer for free

You don’t know how to write your free job offer? Make sure the job description is short and concise and put the most important information at the beginning. Clearly state what makes your job posting unique from others. At the end, you can provide additional information about the benefits and rewards associated with your position. 

Post a job offer for free

Finding staff through Staffly is quick and easy. Write and create a job offer in no time, then you can publish a free job offer. How does this work? Suitable candidates from over 1 million registered users will see your job advert, or be notified of a new advert by email. Post your ad for free and pay based on the number of candidates you receive. Register today, place an ad and find staff.

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The recruitment guide For Employees

With over 20 years of experience, we know generations “Y” and “Z” better than anyone. This is exactly why we have created a next-generation recruitment guide for you, in which you can find useful tips for hiring young talents. Generation Z is an impregnable yet crucial generation for businesses to stay up to date with the latest market trends. 

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